About Me

My name is Leon Yeh. I  am an artist that happened to work with code and idea, with a knack for looking for true spirits out there.

In my past live, I started my life as an engineer. Anything to do with computers, I pretty much loved it. Then I found out about hiking while relocating from Los Angeles to Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles. Test

I have travelled to many long distance paths. From the Pacific Northwest Trail to the Pacific Crest Trail, I have done several sections. I enjoy meeting with fellows travelers and free spirited people. The next goal is to complete Camino de Compostela trail in Northern Spain in 3 trips. Yes, I am slow by design, so I can smell the roses and coffee as well.

Unless otherwise noted, the images on this site were taken by the greatly talented and always humble Leon Yeh. The images in the landing portfolio were taken while I am in Portland OR circa 2013

Life Awards



Hike the Camino De Santiago De Compostella From Pamplona, Spain to Burgos, Spain, 2016




Hike the Camino De Santiago De Compostella From St Jean, France to Pamplona, Spain, 2015




Hike the entire section G of Oregon Pacific Crest Trail ( From Mt Hood to Bridge of God), 2013



Travel thru Southwest USA from Los Angeles to Austin TX, 2008