Leon Yeh

Leon Yeh is an artist that happened to work with code and idea, with a knack for looking for true spirits out there.

In my past live, I started my life as an engineer. Anything to do with computers, I pretty much loved it. Then I found out about hiking while relocating from Los Angeles to Pacific Northwest.

I have travelled to many long distance paths. From the Pacific Northwest Trail to the Pacific Crest Trail, I have done several sections. I enjoy meeting with fellows travelers and free spirited people. The next goal is to complete Camino de Compostella trail in Northern Spain in 3 trips. Yes, I am slow by design, so I can smell the roses and coffee as well.

Unless otherwise noted, the images on this site were taken by the greatly talented and always humble Leon Yeh. The images in the landing portfolio were taken while I am in Portland OR circa 2013

Life Awards

Hike the Camino De Santiago De Compostella From Pamplona, Spain to Burgos, Spain, 2016

Hike the Camino De Santiago De Compostella From St Jean, France to Pamplona, Spain, 2015

Hike the entire section G of Oregon Pacific Crest Trail ( From Mt Hood to Bridge of God), 2013

Travel thru Southwest USA from Los Angeles to Austin TX, 2008

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Challenger Sale

I love Amazon’s Audible.com app, especially the part where, every two weeks, Amazon emails me a list of books that they think would interest me. Last week, I received Amazon’s book-to-read recommendation. The book was Challenger Sale. At first, I was not too excited about it. And since the alternative book’s title was almost as boring, I reluctantly decided to download Challenger Sale.

Leon Yeh Apr 24, 2017

After My Clients Shopify Store Failed On Cyber Monday I Did This

My phone began beeping repeatedly, on a cold and foggy Monday afternoon during a visit with friends in Spain over the Thanksgiving holiday last year. In rapid-fire succession, I received a series of frantic text messages from a client back in the States. “No orders in the past 10 Hours” one message said. Murphy’s Law — no sales during the busiest online shopping day of the year; their Shopify e-commerce store had stopped accepting orders on Cyber Monday!

Leon Yeh Apr 24, 2017

Spring Is Here

For everything, there is always a season. The right time and the right place. It does not happen often, but when your timing and the world timing aligned, miracle can happen.

Leon Yeh Mar 25, 2017

The New Brave World

Recently I was researching about the bike industry and found from the veterans themselves that retail has changed forever.

Leon Yeh Mar 24, 2017

The First Step Is The Hardest

I was in a small French village after a twenty-hour plane ride from my home. Alone with nobody to talk to. I stayed in an old church that day with little cash and no map at hand. I took the photo below as I was walking to the outskirts of the town. This was the first step of a plus-500-mile journey to find myself in the land of the unknown. Every several kilometers, I was guided by the arrow marker.

Leon Yeh Nov 10, 2016

Why Do You Need Google Tag Manager If You Already Are Using Google Analytic

Google Analytics’ main job is really just generating the reports and statistics about your website, like how many people saw your website yesterday, what web browser they used, which pages were the most popular etc. The only way it can know this stuff is if you put a “tag” on all of your pages. The tag is the javascript code on your pages that runs on the visitor’s browser, which tells Google Analytics’ servers that they are visiting the page right now.

Leon Yeh Nov 2, 2016

The Key Of Success Is Repetition

Recently I was contemplating of starting marketing my own business. Typically I acquires new customers from word of mouth.

Leon Yeh Oct 31, 2016

Why I Am So Scared All The Time

I recently spent an afternoon in a library in Washington State.  I was with my daughter, who was working on assignment for school. As she studied, I looked outside and contemplated the weather. It was awful–the usual for the Pacific Northwest during winter.

Leon Yeh Feb 29, 2016

No Regrets

Imagine you’re 99 years old on your death bed. All of sudden You got the chance to return to right now, what would you do ?

Leon Yeh Feb 23, 2016

Introducing Myself

It’s a typical shitty day in Portland, Oregon. The nice and easy days of summer are now long gone. As I write this blog, I’m in the middle of wrapping up the largest software project that I have ever been part of. It has been three years since the project began, and it’s been wrought with problems, complexity, limited funding and ever expanding requirements. It seems that there is never enough time, with scrambling for last minute funding and grasping after a “completion date” that continues to be perpetually one month out of reach. I’m exhausted.

Leon Yeh Feb 12, 2016

Chocollate Croisant And Coffee

I love my morning ritual.  Panera Bread, 6:00 a.m. I am not sure why, but it started in 2016. I was taking a winter walk on the Camino de Santiago in the Maseta region of Northern Spain. This is my second time in Camino. In 2015, I walked from St Jean to city of Pamplona. My route this time took me away from Punta La Reina to the city of Logrono. It was a chilly morning. I can still see the icicles frozen on the roof edges. I was starving, but I don’t speak Spanish and didn’t stop to get something to eat. After the long walk, I was so tired I skipped dinner. At  breakfast time the following morning, I searched for a nearby bakery. Even with my limited Spanish, I got some directions to the only bakery that opened that early. I ordered myself a croissant and coffee. Five euros and worth every penny.

Leon Yeh May 11, 2015

It Is More Difficult

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always had. This is suddenly not working. So make it work

Leon Yeh Feb 11, 2015