Are you making enough sales through your Shopify store? Would you believe us if we say you can actually triple your conversion rate through a Shopify sales funnel?

Don’t believe a sales funnel can do what the Shopify store is unable to?

A quick question: What is the average conversion rate of your Shopify store?

2%? 6%? 8%?

Did you know funnels tend to convert three times better than a basic Shopify store?

Yes, according to research, on an average, a Shopify store converts less than 3% while a sales funnel converts close to 10%.

Now some of you might say that your conversion rates are better than that and are as high as 6-8% but we’re talking average here. Chances are you are on some sort of trend and that results in higher number of conversions for you. The general pattern, however, is on average less than 3%.

Why Sales Funnel is important ?

A lot of you who have the experience of running a Shopify store along with a sales funnel must have thought about this fairly significant difference in the conversion rates. Most of you might have found it weird as it makes no sense. The traffic is the same, they are looking at the same offer, even then on a regular Shopify store the conversion is around 3 times less than that through a sales funnel. Why???

To find out you need to look into the sales process. What is it that is happening to cause this major difference? Here’s the thing:

1. Distractions

A person lands on your Shopify store through whatever source of traffic, they come to a product page, for instance. What do they see?

They see a lot of things. There are a ton of call to action buttons, there are many other products, or perhaps other catalogs. They have access to reviews, not to forget a plethora of images they can think of viewing and then you have a menu which can potentially distract them and lead them to any other page of your Shopify store.

Once your lead gets distracted, chances are they won’t be willing to buy the product anymore. It gives them time to change their mind.

2. Checkout Page

This goes down into human psychology. When a person strikes on the ‘add to cart’ button they are most probably in the mood to buy the item. But between the time they press checkout and the time they actually go to purchase the item, there is a disconnection. This disconnection is the very strangler of your conversion rates on Shopify.

The person feels like buying, they add the product to the cart, dopamine is released but then comes the checkout page and a hassle before actually buying the product. This hassle leads to ‘buyer’s remorse’. Since there is this gap between checking out and actually buying the product, the brain gets time to kick in its sane-whispers and there you have it. The buyer feels regret and drops the idea of purchasing the product.

This is the one thing that is holding a lot of Shopify conversions from actualizing.

Sales Funnel Psyche

On the other hand, if you look at the process on a sales funnel, it’s direct.

You have little to no distractions. The person is lead to a great landing page, it has the image of the product, details and a CTA (call to action). You get the potential customer to give you their email address.

Many sales funnels use this technique in which they entice the customer by sending their way a little mystery. These could be things like: ‘get the product for free, only pay the shipping’. And for that, in return, you get their email addresses.

Now, the customer made a micro-commitment, they did not actually buy anything and so the excitement isn’t there yet. No dopamine released. So, now when you send the checkout page their way they fill it up and get the product. No distractions, only one CTA and only one place for checkout. Above all, only two options; yes, or no.

As opposed to a Shopify store where you have a ton of information to get distracted and lose interest in the product because of the checkout formalities. It’s either yes or no and there is no maybe in there. That is why the conversions are higher. When the user commits to buying the product they either have to buy it or not buy it. They don’t get distracted by anything and change their mind towards buying the product.

Shopify Sales Funnel - How to increase your Shopify conversion rate?

It is hence important to have a Shopify sales funnel to drive even more traffic to your product that actually converts. You can essentially start off with a sales funnel for your product and then when you have a ton of them get a Shopify store. In the long run, you will need a store to catalog all your products but you now see the downside of just having a store. A Shopify sales funnel can reduce that gap between your current conversions and your ideal conversions.

A healthy sales funnel is a breath of fresh air for an average online store whose only motive is to convert impromptu browsers to committed customers.

Learn More

Shopify is smart, sophisticated and gives you tons of options in the form of apps to do just about everything you would want to do with your online store. It’s great but the downside is Shopify doesn’t have anything which can help you make a great sales funnel. It doesn’t allow you to edit the sales page to your liking. Once it’s there, you can do little to change it.

Explore other options and you can get that increase in your conversions with this simple trick. One of the greatest options you can check out is ClickFunnels for getting started with building amazing opt-in or landing pages to get going. It’s easy and gives massive results.

So, do you think you will be trying a Shopify sales funnel to leverage your conversion rate? Let us know in the comments section.